We will explore everything from the basics, body movement and building self-confidence, then we will move on to introduction to improvisation. In the third block, we will introduce you to Meisner and Lecoq techniques.

This workshop will prepare you for both theater and on-screen performance.

In the final block of the workshop, you will learn script analysis and you will get comfortable doing monologues & dialogue scenes.

The workshop is suitable for experienced as well as inexperienced actors. Several experts and industry professionals might make guest appearances and share their knowledge with us along the way.

Each month is a block.

Block 1: Body Movement exercises. Breaking the barrier of inhibition. Building trust with co-actors, and self confidence.
Block 2: The art of Improvisation, while using what we’ve learned in block 1.
Block 3: Introduction to Meisner and Lecoq techniques. Using what we’ve learned in block 1 & 2.
Block 4: Script analysis, Monologue, Dialogue, and audition tape methods. Putting all previous blocks to good use.

  • You must be above 18 years old to join this workshop.
  • All actors will be asked to remove their shoes, so get comfortable working barefoot or with socks on.
  • This workshop requires lots of physical movement. (sitting, standing, lying down)
  • Please wear something comfortable.
  • COVID-19 PROTOCOLS APPLY. (Masks, Temperature checks… etc.)


Sessions begin on Saturday September 4th, 2021
Saturday: 2:30-5:30pm
Sunday: 2:30-5:30pm

The workshop duration is 4 months
Fee: $380USD

You can also attend a single block or 1 month (24hrs total) – Please specify which block in the contact form after you sign up for the 1 month block.
Fee: $100USD

A day pass (3hrs)
Fee: $30


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